$89.95 each Beautiful Ocean Blue & Clear Swarovski Crystal Cuff Braclet
$99.95 each Black Cuff with Skull and Crystals
$89.99 each Black Diamond and Crystal Swarovski cuff
$89.95 each Black Shimmer Cuff
$69.95 each Brilliant Multi-Colored Genuine Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Cuff
$129.95 each Butterfly Adorned with Crystals and Shells
$149.95 each Cool & Chic Defined! Gold Bracelet Cuff Adorned w/Vintage Timefaces
$99.99 each Cuff W/ Swarovski Crystals Blue
$69.95 each Delicate Genuine Swarovski Clear Crystal Cuff Bracelet
$59.95 each Delicate Genuine Swarovski Copper Crystal Cuff Bracelet
$4.95 each Do it yourself Cuff
$4.95 each Do it yourself Headbands!
$89.95 each Edgy & Chic Yellow Genuine Stingray Cuff Bracelet w/Skulls
$49.95 each Edgy & Cool "Tarnished Silver" Cuff Bracelet with Skull
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